Together we will ensure all
students graduate prepared
to succeed in college,
careers, and community.

Areas of Focus

We invest in programs with a common aim: to strengthen the connection between teacher and student so all students can reach their potential. We work with teachers, policymakers, parents, and communities to expand and accelerate successful programs and identify innovative new solutions.

In each of our areas of focus, we share research, insights, and tools with states, school districts, and other partners to help them improve teaching and learning. We also work to foster greater collaboration so effective programs can be expanded and valuable insights and ideas from specific states, districts, and charter management organizations can be broadly shared.

Effective Teaching

Personalized Learning

College Ready Expectations

Teachers are vital to student learning. They want to help their students succeed and deserve the feedback and support to do so. We’re supporting opportunities for teachers to collaborate and learn from each other; to share best practices; and to get the professional development opportunities and feedback they need when they need it to keep learning and growing as professionals.

For example, we’re working with school districts across the country to create more personalized, scalable solutions to teacher learning that can be adopted quickly and broadly. And we’ve invested in 35 organizations with robust teacher networks to help teachers implement the Common Core State Standards.

The Common Core State Standards offer a road map of clear expectations for college readiness, deepening what students need to know at each stage of their schooling. We work with partners to support ongoing efforts to ensure the standards are understood and implemented effectively.

Classroom materials based on the Common Core State Standards can deepen students’ understanding of key concepts and skills and more fully engage them in their learning. For example, we’ve worked with teachers to design and implement the Literacy and Math Design Collaborative tools, which teachers report are raising expectations for students, helping them implement collegeready standards, and making instruction more engaging for students.

Students deserve a variety of rich learning experiences tailored to their needs that honor teachers’ role in their learning and that make the most of teachers’ time with students. Our work focuses on taking full advantage of the kinds of tools and technologies that have transformed every other aspect of life to deepen and accelerate both student and teacher learning.

Blending face-to-face instruction with digital tools allows students to take greater ownership of their own learning, while teachers design and manage the learning environment, deliver instruction, and promote learning with expert guidance and support. We also invest in innovations that can help accelerate the rate at which teachers master the art and science of teaching, from initial teacher preparation to ongoing professional development.